Bernie Kagan
vice president
nvar lifetime top producer

My family and I moved from New Jersey and have been residents of Franklin Farm since 1996.  My children grew up here, and my wife and I have made many great friends over the years. 

Danny Samson, owner of Samson Properties, is one of those great friends from Franklin Farm.  We met on the baseball field and both coached our sons.  That led to our working relationship, which changed my life.  Since its inception, I have been a part of Samson Properties and as Vice President have helped grow this company to over 1,400 agents in 14 years.

There is nothing more important to me than family.  My wife, Debbie, and our children Michael, Elizabeth, and Benjamin all love the life we share here at Franklin Farm.  Our children are grown now and have left the nest, and Deb and I could not be more proud.  One of the newest joys of my life is our first grandson named Zack.  In my humble opinion, he is the cutest baby ever!

Baseball is a lifelong passion of mine.  I have owned season tickets to the Washington Nationals since Day One in 2006, and both of my sons and I share the distinction of pitching no hitters at one point in our lives.

I also have a musical streak in me, having listened to my Mom teach piano as a child.  Today I enjoy banging away on a great drum set that my wife bought for me as a Christmas gift a few years ago.

Feel free to call me anytime to talk about what your house is worth today, or if you just want to talk baseball.