Bernie Kagan
vice president
nvar lifetime top producer




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Until my wife and I began working with Bernie Kagan, we had no reason to believe that other agents we'd worked with in the past were anything less than excellent.  Working with Bernie, however, made us realize the huge difference between your average agent and a true pro.

The bottom line is this: you want Bernie on your side. Period. He blends an astute understanding of all aspects of the real estate market with a personality that is simultaneously affable and driven to serve. He was on the constant lookout for our best interest. He stopped at nothing to get us over every hurdle, tackling the interminable and unenviable details of real estate transactions with remarkable patience, experience, and composure. He was careful to involve us quickly whenever the situation called for it, while saving us time and aggravation by deftly sheltering us from nuances and negotiations that were better served by his expertise.

There was no question that he cared for us as people, not just clients. He is a sincerely good-hearted and friendly man whom I intend to stay friends with long after the last paper is signed.  We urge anyone looking for an absolute top-of-the-line agent to spend a half hour talking to him and see what you've been missing.

Matthew & Karen B.



Buying & Selling Northern Virginia Real Estate

"Real estate is about more than buying and selling properties.  It is about people and families that are making huge transitions in their lives.  My job, as a real estate professional, is to take the stress and worry out of this transaction by protecting my client’s interests, efficiently guiding them through the process, and taking care of all the details along the way."

 "It’s not about houses; it’s about people."

Bernie Kagan
Vice President and Realtor
Samson Properties


Bernie Kagan's Philosophy in Real Estate

You deserve to keep more of your equity. After all, it is yours. Don't pay a realtor outdated commission rates.  6% real estate commissions predate personal computers, fax machines, cell phones, and the internet. These tools help realtors handle real estate transactions more proficiently, and the savings should be passed on to you.

I offer all-inclusive, full-service transactions at a lower cost, and am completely focused on the goals and wishes of my clients.

If you are considering a move in the near future, call or text me at 703-216-0985, and let me show you how we at Samson Properties can deliver more for less.

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